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  • 15% discount on the premium for being comprehensive customer if the community is assured on Mutual Owners.
  • Suitable to ownership of property coverage (if owner, lessor or lessee).
  • Up to 40% off hiring a franchise as collateral.
  • Perfectly complementary to the policy of Communities Owners Mutual guarantees, you not have to pay duplicate guarantees.
  • 15% discount as collateral, if the house has less than 10 years.
  • Additional coverage to cover the risk of unpaid rent.
  • Up to 15% discount depending guarantees protection measures
  • Possibility of expanding coverage at any time within a wide range (optional coverages).
  • Up to 10% discount depending on the amount of capital insured
  • Up to 15% discount if the home as collateral has made rehabilitations

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COSTA BRAVA ADMINISTRACIONS, S.L.U. com a responsable del tractament tractarà les teves dades amb la finalitat de
donar resposta a la teva consulta o petició. Pots accedir, rectificar i suprimir les teves dades, així com exercir altres
drets consultant la informació addicional i detallada sobre protecció de dades a la nostra Política de Privacidad

He llegit i accepto les condicions contingudes en la política de privacitat sobre el tractament de les meves dades per a gestionar la meva consulta o petició.

Mutual Alquiler

So far no one protected him from the eventualities that involves renting a home, therefore Owners Mutual has created a new safe for you to stop taking unnecessary risks.

With the coverage offered by this insurance, you can recover unpaid rental income for your tenant .. In addition, we will put in the hands of expert lawyers eviction process, so you can have your floor as soon as possible. And if the defaulter tenant perform vandalized or stolen, on the continent of your home, we compensate for damages.

This is a very complete product and at a reduced cost.



  • We help you make an appropriate selection of the tenant.
  • With the coverage offered by this insurance, you can recover unpaid rents for their tenants.
  • We ensure their interests making available regain their homes as soon as possible.
  • Should the defaulter tenant before leaving your home, do vandalized or stolen, on the continent of it, we will compensate for damages.
  • Reconditioning service we provide housing, through personalized pricing and preferential rates.
  • If you want to take out insurance for a group of holiday, you get improved conditions depending on the risk characteristics, for example vertical property, complete owner’s equity..
  • The premium is considered a deductible expense for the determination of net income from real estate.

Mutua Edificio Selección Plus

Owners Mutual offers a high-end product specially designed for communities of owners and property owners. It is safe with flexibility to adapt in coverage and cost to the needs of your building.

The dynamic conception of Mutual Insurance Edificio Selección Plus allows you to combine the different coverages and capital adapting them to their requirements.

Besides the usual basic guarantees we offer the possibility of extending your insurance to your liking including a number of additional guarantees.

And as always, we offer the guarantee of our expertise and tradition, ensuring buildings for over 170 years.

We committed to their safety and guarantee your peace of mind.


And you can also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Get discounted rates depending on the characteristics of the building.
  • If your farm has less than 45 years, you may contract guarantees liability and water damage without Exemption.
  • Possibility of obtaining better conditions in the rate if the building is rehabilitated water pipes.
  • Option to incorporate a set of extended warranties that will add value to your insurance
  • Annual update of the sum insured by automatic revaluation of capital.
  • free building inspection.
  • Posibilidad de obtener unas mejores condiciones en la tarifa si se han efectuado rehabilitaciones en el edificio.

Mutua Negocio

Mutua Negocio, insurance and flexible special shops.

Owners Mutual offers you a safe measure that allows you to hire the most appropriate to each business coverage.

Our expertise allows us to offer a product with the best market conditions at a competitive price.

Designed to meet the security needs of offices and small and medium business.


Take advantage of our advantages:

  • Deductions for protection measures.
  • Discount for having insurance on Mutual Community Owners.
  • 24 hour assistance with emergency repairs.
  • Legal help online
  • Compensation for total or partial cessation of activity.